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Roommate Trauma

Why do I end up entangled in some roommate drama every year? Last year I had to indirectly partake in my roommates' misfortunes with their SOs, and now I'm stuck in the middle of my two new roommates as tension starts to mount. Let me first start out by introducing my lovely roomies:

C: Knew from last year. Is generally sweet and sincere at heart and studies very hard. Sometimes can exhibit abnormal behavior as she is anally fastidious. Occupies the lower-bunk, the bed below M. Interesting tidbit: Loves to read romance novels and has a growing collection of probably 50+ books in our room alone.

M: College freshman. Very cute and spunky...almost to an excruciating degree. Comes from a badly broken home. Has relationship issues like no one else. Loves to party, party, party and can be somewhat of a slob.

The roommate tension started like a spark out of no where: when all three of us were in the room minding our own business, C exclaimed, "M, I found a c_ndom wrapper on my bed the other day." OHMYGOODNESS. I couldn't believe that C actually said that ALOUD while I was in the room. Talk about having no tact! If I were M, I would have died a million times over of pure mortification. And so the embarrassed M blurted out that they didn't really do it, just was worried, blah blah blah. I wasn't sure what to say...I mean, what could I have said? And for about 5 minutes thereafter, the room was dead-quiet...until I momentously broke the silence with a runaway guffaw. I was shocked that I laughed, and the only excuse that came to mind was, "I'm trying to imagine what C's expression was when she found it on her bed!" Which was true. And we all ended up laughing a bit after.

But now that I think about it, it's not funny at all. At the time, I assumed that the *ahem* object in question merely fell from M's top bunk bed to C's bottom bunk bed (because things fall from M's bed to C's bed all the time). But that's not what C thought at all...she was thinking that perhaps M and some dude did it on her bed. If that is the case, then it's just sick and wrong and I feel really bad for C. But for some reason, this deduction didn't end up in my head at the time and I ended up thinking rather goofy thoughts. C, please forgive me!

And another thing (again some tension between C and M). M told us that this weekend her bf/ex/friend/whatever was going to visit. So to give them some privacy, we both went home (well, I usually go home, but C was pretty much forced to go home because she was afraid of what M and her bf/ex/friend/whatever were going to do). C decided to return to our dorm early this morning, and found M and her bf/ex/friend/whatever sleeping together with M's clothes all over C's desk. ERRR. And M woke up and saw C and yadda yadda yadda...more tension and awkwardness. Gosh, I am SO glad I'm in the loft and not in either of the bunks. I just hope that C and M will resolve their issues before something goes horribly awry.
Connie spilled her thoughts on Sunday, January 12, 2003 07:55 p.m.

Cinderella Complex

My relationship with Jen hasn't been the most stable as of late, and sometimes it's downright mind-boggling as to knowing what he truly wants and needs. We're "friends." I add the quotations because that is what we are, friends. Granted, we are much more than regular friends, and thus I consider him a special a class of its own. He asks me sometimes, "Connie, do you want to be my girlfriend?" And I choose not to answer; to beat around the bush until the topic changes course on its own. Why? We took a hiatus a few months ago and decided to drop the lable of "bf/gf." We still talk on the phone every single day and he comes to visit frequently. So in many ways we got even closer than when we were technically "together." And through this, I found too many characteristics in him that I would not want in my ideal boyfriend. These are the reasons why I cannot easily answer his question, even though I care about him to death and would want to stay close forever. Sometimes I wonder why it is that I have a string of bad instances with guys. Well, this situation is a far-cry from a bad experience, but I guess I just can't let go of the dream that every girl wishes for: a dashing prince charming to come by and sweep her off her feet.
Connie spilled her thoughts on Friday, January 10, 2003 11:42 p.m.


So my mom received the Guerlain Meteorites Visage Compact is SO beautiful. And check this out, it's $145! For makeup! o_O But it's sooo pretty and smells so good. *sigh*

Connie spilled her thoughts on Sunday, January 5, 2003 03:37 p.m.

This is what boredom does to you:

Browsing through Kim's site, I found this nice, hefty survey, so I decided to take it. We are very alike in the arachnophobia-department, LoL.

~*7 things you are scared of?*~
2) Darkness
3) Death
4) Horror movies
5) Gruesome images
6) Isolated areas
7) Extreme heights

~*7 things that make you laugh?*~
1) Anita (person hehe)
2) EngRish
3) "The Best Page in the Universe"
4) Comedies
5) The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
6) Janette (also a person)
7) Sometimes...anything even remotely funny

~*7 things that you love?*~
1) My security blanket (ok, you can stop laughing now)
2) My family
3) Nihongo (Japanese language)
4) Ice Cream (esp. Cold Stone)
5) Chocolate (most kinds)
6) Tea (most kinds)
7) Reading

~*7 things you hate?*~
1) SPIDERS *shudder*
2) Horror movies
3) Licorice
4) Mean people
5) Dirty bathrooms
6) Slow Internet
7) Laziness

~*7 things you don't understand?*~
1) Guys
2) Dreams
3) Picasso's art
4) Math
5) Any topic taught in engineering courses
6) Murderers
7) Entomologists

~*7 things you have on your desk?*~
1) Lamp
2) Totoro plush dolls
3) Pictures
4) Computer (of course!)
5) Vitamins (I'm a vitamin freak)
6) Dirty utensils
7) The Bible

~*7 things about you?*~
1) I love manga and don't really like anime
2) I am *nearly* trilingual
3) I don't hold grudges
4) I love makeup
5) I'm pretty shy and introverted
6) But I can be super loud and goofy/retarded with my friends
7) I am very two-sided

~*7 things you want to do before you die?*~
1) Travel all around Asia and Europe
2) Treat my mom to a grand vacation
3) Go to more doujinshi events in Japan
4) Marry and have kids
5) Learn more languages
6) Become a good cook
7) Be a philanthropist

~*7 things you can do?*~
1) Make good mochi
2) Make good dumplings
3) Get very high scores in Solitaire (record: 10114 pts, 74 seconds)
4) Run nonstop for 35 minutes at approx. 6.7 mph (not really interesting, but it's a great improvement for myself)
5) Be a good listener
6) Identify many cosmetically-used chemical ingredients
7) Be absolutely aloof (not a very good thing)

~*7 things you cannot do?*~
1) Ride a bicycle *lowers head in shame*
2) Whistle (so jealous of Dinna!)
3) Snap my fingers
4) Any type of origami
5) Cartwheels
6) Be free from all sources of prejudice
7) Beat my brother in fighting games

~*7 things you wish you could change*~
1) My legs
2) My vision
3) My laziness
4) My temper
5) World hunger (too far of a reach, though)
6) The weather
7) My grades : P

Connie spilled her thoughts on Saturday, January 4, 2003 10:34 p.m.

Ooh, I love chocolate ^_~

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back to my old layout!

Woohoo! After roughly half a year dealing with a half-finished layout in the traditional blog style, I've given up and returned to my old layout style. I like this the best because it keeps everything on one short page. ^^ Gotta change the pics and stuff though.
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